Gold Thread Award

Prior to 2004 this award was The Educators Award of Excellence.  Recipients receive a pin and certificate of recognition and, if present at the EGA national seminar, have the option of receiving these at the Education Awards Presentation at the opening banquet.

The criteria for determining the awards include the following:
1. The contributions to growth of embroidery education at a local and/or region level.
2. The nature and extent of service at a local and/or region level.

Find more information about the Gold Thread Award and other EGA awards at:

1993    Shirley Kay Wolfersperger, Pajarito Chapter
1995    Jody Gergens, Centennial State Chapter
1996    Susan Tidwell – also national winner, Sandia Mountains Chapter
1998    Carolyn Standing Webb, Wasatch Chapter
1999    Connie Fudge, Silver Valley Stitchers Chapter
2000    Marie Filip, Desert West Chapter
2001    Carolyn Sherman, Pikes Peak Chapter
2002    Carolyn Bivens, Sandia Mountains Chapter
2003    Kathy Melville, Midland Empire Chapter

2004    Nan Windle, Sandia Mountains Chapter
2005    Becky Autry, Pikes Peak Chapter
2006    Ann Pinfield, Colorado Chapter
2007    Barbara Loftus – also national winner, Colorado Chapter
2008    Caela Conn Tyler, Colorado Chapter
2009    Nancy Miller, Foothills Chapter
2010    Bette Sargent, Foothills Chapter
2012    Carole Rinard, also national winner, Pajarito Chapter
2013    Barbara Ing, Desert West Chapter