The Rocky Mountain Region supports our EGA national educational goals and opportunities. The Region specifically provides support for region chapters and members as they enhance their embroidery skills and appreciation for the needle arts.

EGA offers Individual (ICC) and Group Correspondence Courses (GCC) for members to have a low-cost, high-quality learning experience with teachers selected for their outstanding needlework skills and knowledge.  Additional information about all of these courses can be found in the current Education Catalog and on the national web site.

RMR sponsors Group Correspondence Courses each year for members of the Rocky Mountain Region.  The region board chooses from the current GCC offerings and makes these courses available as a “region group”.  Any RMR member can register and participate in this RMR group.  The Region will pay a portion of the expenses for the sponsored course while individuals pay for the text (and kit if a kit is required). This is a wonderful low-cost opportunity! Click here to see the latest offering.

The National EGA Headquarters also sponsors “Lightning Round” Group Correspondence Courses throughout the year where individuals can participate in a GCC as an individual in a national group. You may also sign up individually and then join together with other participants from your chapter and work as a local group.  The cost is $30 plus the text fee.  To participate in these GCCs register on the National website.