Turquoise Trail Chapter


Turquoise Trail Program Schedule 2015 (updated March 22, 2015)

Download the chapter schedule.
Contact Kathleen Weston love2stitch@nmgypsy.com or 710-4604 for information.

Date:  Program meetings are the 2nd Saturday of the month
Time: 1:30 -3:30/4 (ending time approximate depending on activity)
Location: North Valley Library, 7704-B 2nd Street NW, Albuquerque, NM

Business meetings usually occur over lunch prior to the program meeting. At the program, any special announcements will be made.

Monthly Social: sit and stitch on the 4th Sunday of the month in various members’ homes.

Notes:  (This schedule is as of March 16, 2015). All events are subject to change. Please confirm events by checking the Yahoo site and chat list to be sure that no last minute change has occurred. **A number of the classes require some preparation to fully participate so please plan ahead. Regardless, please come to all programs. You can stitch on any project if you are not doing a “workshop” project. **

January 10 – part 1 Punto Antico biscornu (presenter Marlene Bartolomei). No kit, no fee. See the information provided by Marlene on student-furnished supplies. RSVP Marlene for printed instructions.

February 14 – Raj heart (presenter Rebecca Wardlaw).
One can participate in learning the stitches and discussion w/o the pattern and kit. Deadline for reserving pattern & kit has passed.

March 14 – Punto Antico biscornu part 2 (presenter Marlene Bartolomei). No kit, no fee.

March 22– Field trip Sunday, car pool to Santa Fe Bead Fest
[“Bead Fest” runs Thursday March 19- Sunday 22]
car pool to Santa Fe for lunch and visiting the vendor booths.

April 11– Lecture by Elaine Maser Scheideman, recently retired head of the costume department at Warner Bros. Studio, Costume Design process v. Fashion Design and studio time including stitching on Raj and pre-work for Star-Spangled puzzle ball & lotus box. No kit, no fee.

May 9 – Dorset buttons (presenter Kathleen Weston) supplies or kit will be minimal; further information will be provided.

June 13 – Star-spangled ball finishing (presenter Rebecca Wardlaw) This is the finishing for the Region-sponsored GCC. Registration for the GCC closed October 31, 2014. You can learn the finishing techniques w/o taking the GCC. No kit, no fee.

June 28 – Chapter’s 10th Anniversary Party – Kathleen Weston’s home, catered food, cake

July 11 – “Heraldry” design your family crest, information on heraldry (presenter Rebecca Wardlaw) This will be a design class. No kit, no fee. Bring paper for notes and doodles and colored pencils.

August 8-9 – 2-day Brazilian class with Debbie Kelley of DK Designs. Students can choose from several designs while learning the techniques. Non-members can participate; contact rwardlaw@osogrande.net for pricing.

September 6 (Sunday) – one-day class in cutwork with Marian Scoular. Non-members can participate; contact rwardlaw@osogrande.net for pricing.

September 12 – TBD, studio time or museum field trip

October 10 – paper origami crane, lotus box, finishing for plus fabric origami lotus box (presenter Sue Thomas). Sue will show us classic origami paper folding and provide the information for assembling or finishing of the stitched lotus box.

The Lotus Box design is available in the October 2014 issue of Just Cross-stitch; additional designs suitable for the box finishing are designed by Terri Bay and are available from Nordic Needle and from Terri Bay on Etsy.

November 14 – TBD, studio time or museum field trip

December 12 – holiday party (Marlene Bartolomei hostess)

For more information, please contact us: