Forms and Manual

Rocky Mountain Region Officer Notebook

Title Page doc pdf
Table of Contents (5/2019) docx pdf
Section I – General Information & History (5/2019) docx pdf
Section II – Bylaws & Policies/Procedures (5/2019) docx pdf
Section III – Job Descriptions (5/2018) docx pdf
Section IV – Schedules (4/2017) docx pdf
Section V – Miscellaneous Information and Prospectors (5/2019) docx pdf
Section VI – Individual Forms: see list below doc pdf

Rocky Mountain Region Notebook – Section VI – Individual Forms

A. Dues Transmittal Form (4/2017) doc pdf
B. Dues Collection Schedule (5/2014) doc pdf
C. Request for Reimbursement (8/2008) doc pdf
D. Region Director’s Request for Reimbursement Form (5/2014) doc pdf
E. Jody Gergens Memorial Scholarship Application Form (6/2016) doc pdf
F. Outreach Report Form (4/2016) doc pdf
G. Chapter Officer Reporting Form (4/2016) doc pdf
H. Member Profile (4/2008) doc pdf
I. Individual Appraisal and Waiver of Appraisal Forms (4/2016) doc pdf
J. Hands Across the Water & Hands Across America Forms (4/2016) doc pdf
K. Website and Newsletter Release Form (4/2016) doc pdf
L. Document-Files Emergency Location Form (5/2019) doc pdf

Region Seminar Guidelines

Introduction doc pdf
Table of Contents doc pdf
Section I – Seminar Policies & Procedures and Job Descriptions (5/2019) docx pdf
Section II – General Information & Organization (5/2018) docx pdf
Section III – Seminar Site (4/2017) docx pdf
Section IV – Treasurer and Finances (5/2018) docx pdf
Section V – Dean and Faculty (9/2017) docx pdf
Section VI – Registrar and Registration (4/2017) docx pdf
Section VII – PR Brochure Participants (9/2017) docx pdf
Section VIII – Other Chairmen (9/2017) docx pdf
Section IX – Appendices (9/2017) docx pdf

Region Seminar Forms

Form I-C Letter of Agreement for Financial Responsibility (4/2017) docx pdf
Form II-A EGA Master Calendar of Events Submission Form (4/2017) docx pdf
Form IV-C Quarterly Financial Report doc pdf
Form IV-D Monthly Financial Report doc pdf
Form IV-E Request for Reimbursement doc pdf
Form V-R Suggested Questionnaire for Future Seminars (4/2017) docx pdf
Form V-S Sample of Participants’ Class Evaluation doc pdf
Form VI-A Registration Form Template doc pdf
Form IX-B Seminar Committee Chairman Report Form (4/2017) docx pdf
Form IX-C Seminar Summary Report Form (4/2017) docx pdf

Region Retreat Guidelines

1 Sec-RMR Retreat Guidelines-Job Descriptions and PsPs (5/2019) docx pdf
2 Sec-RMR Retreat Guidelines-Gen Info and Timeline (5/2018) docx pdf
3 Sec-RMR Retreat Guidelines-Retreat Site (5/2018) docx pdf
4 Sec-RMR Retreat Guidelines-Finances (5/2018) docx pdf
5 Sec-RMR Retreat Guidelines-Chairman and Mentors (5/2019) docx pdf
6 Sec-RMR Retreat Guidelines-Registrar and Registration (5/2018) docx pdf

Region Retreat Forms

Form-4 Sec IV-B Retreat Workplan-Budget Template (5/2018) xlxs
Form-6 Sec VI-I Retreat Deposit Record (5/2018) xlxs
Form-6 Sec VI-L Retreat Registration Template (5/2018) xlxs
Template-6 Sec VI-J Retreat Handbook (5/2018) docx